Search Engine Optimization Services.

Search Engine Optimization Services.

Search Engine Optimization Services, our fees are only $250 per each website, and lasts 12 months from the date of the complete SEO ranking requirements.

Others charge monthly fees we dont because once its done properly you will never have to touch it again and if you do it will only be because theres a new search engine algo that may require suttle tweaks and inprovements.

If you require fulltime webmaster site interactions its open to mutal arrangements but also on a first come first served basis and strictly limited to ensure proper services delivery!

On-Page work activities “Follow only after first month and free review of what we can deliver for your site.”

Search Engine Optimization Services included are as follows.

Before any of the services below are performed and your website is a Wordpress enabled we will load all plugins required to get you top rankings and make sure there are no cnflicts if they are known to us we will inform and advise before we remove anything and won’t do it without the clients written permissions.

SEO Fixed Price.

We also enable AMP on your site where possible this delivers 2 pages to the search engines instead of one but AMP is very difficult to implement without serious errors, this website has this AMP enabled and can be viewed here.


Then the real SEO begins starting with;

 1.  Meta tags/Title tag changes.

 2.  Keyword research/Analysis.

 3.  Competitor Analysis.

 4.  Heading tag changes.

 5.  Alt tag changes.

 6.  Interlinking wherever required.

 7.  Keyword density in site content.

 8.  HTML Site Map making sure all internal pages are indexed.

 9.  XML site map and Submission in webmaster tools to all search engines using our personal webmaster credentials letting the search engines know we performed and correctly performed the SEO requirements for your website project?

10. Ror.XML File creation.

11. Robots.Txt File creation Extra work activities.

12. Google Webmaster tools explained.

13. Google Analytics options fully explained if required.

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